Plan de recuperación COVID-19

La crisis del coronavirus ha paralizado completamente la economía durante al menos tres meses. Por lo tanto, la fidelización de tu cliente ahora es lo más importante.

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Connect, know and retain your customer
Fideltour products

Individually powerful, infallible as a whole.

Fideltour is pieced together by modules specialized in marketing, sales and customer loyalty. All this is possible thanks to the knowledge-management. Each module available is an excellent solution on its own but, when linked together, they become the best integral solution.

Fideltour CRM

The raging discussion over how to classify customers is more intense than ever. Understanding who your customers are and customizing your communications with them drastically improves loyalty and retention.

Fideltour's Guest Relationship Management (GRM) solutions is more than a CRM: It offers a complete set of marketing automation tools to attract guests and to generate cross-selling.


  • Data centralization
  • 360º Multi-Channel Vision
  • Automatic segmentation
Fideltour: CRM for hotels
Fideltour CRM

The ever-growing fast evolution in technology has allowed us to create solutions adapted to every need,at every moment. Fideltour is the solution designed by and for the hotel sector that allows centralized storage of customer knowledge in order to transform this information into effective marketing actions. It is a Guest Relations Manager (GRM) whose objective is to approach the final customer: attract, learn, connect, listen and to encourage those customers to return and share its experiences with colleagues. It is everything you need to organize, monitor and nurture relationships with your customers.


  • Centralization
  • Smart knowledge
  • Consolidation
Fideltour: Marketing for hotels
Fideltour Marketing

Fideltour Marketing is specially designed to save you time and resources, automate your campaigns and measure your return on investment.


  • Automated campaigns
  • Return on investment monitoring (ROI)
  • Custom templates
Fideltour: Hotel surveys
Fideltour Reviews

Fideltour Reviews allows you to detect incidences occurring both during the customer's stay and afterwards.


  • Improve your customer experience
  • Improve your online reputation
  • Real-time alerts
Fideltour: Hotel loyalty
Fideltour Loyalty

Fideltour Loyalty offers a reward system which allows you to build loyalty and encourages your customers to repeat their experience with you.


  • Linked data
  • 360º experience
  • Customize and segment


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$23 Millions

Billed thanks to more than 250 customers who have trusteden Fideltour


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Do not worry if you already have an implemented module. Fideltour integrates with the main sector's tools and suppliers

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