Self-segment in an intelligent way

Fideltour CRM analyzes and self-segments your database by more than 1250 preferences and interests.

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Get to know your client

Start to know the preferences and interests of your customers. Having this knowledge will allow you to create a personalized segmentation.

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Enriched and self-segmentated data.

Every client is different and needs to feel important for your brand.

Fideltour allows you to get to know each contact and enrich it automatically by using feedback techniques.

It is about obtaining as much customer information as possible, knowing and grouping by specific criteria which significant for the company, with the objective of adapting the offer of products and services to the characteristics of each segmentation.

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Customize and segment

Our platform detects the needs, tastes and interests of your client. Self-learning puts at your disposal the most effective self-segmentation to communicate with him at all times.

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Improve their experience

The best utility of knowledge is being able to satisfy your client. Fideltour provides the tools for everyone to feel unique and enjoy an exclusive experience.

dashboard crm for hotels
dashboard crm for hotels

360 Vision

Now you have the possibility of putting a 360 vision together, knowing each user in the process and knowing which is the best strategy to reach them.

dashboard crm for hotels

Combine it with our modules and boost your productivity

Contacts and transactions are just the beginning. Fideltour GRM is part of a complete set of sales productivity tools that synchronizes with your inbox and simplifies all sales stages.

Demographic segmentation

Divide your contacts into smaller groups. This kind of segmentation takes into account variables such as age, income, educational level, nationality, race, religion, occupation, etc.

Psychographic segmentation

In addition, our intelligent system is capable of dividing your contacts into segments based on features such as personality, lifestyle, interests, hobbies and consumer values.

GDPR management

You do not need to worry about anything. We have developed and implemented a system based on the european General Data Protection Regulation requeriments.

Contact Value

We measure the value of each contact with the objective of knowing which client is really important to you.

Business Intelligence

You will have a dashboard that allows you to check the value of your goodwill from different dimensions.


You can provide access with different permissions so so that you can apply the privacy of the data you deem appropriate.

Fideltour's modules play an excellent role by themselves, but they are more powerful together


Forget about scattered tools and centralize your strategy in a single, powerful solution that integrates all the tools, data and processes required.

You will save time and efforts while increasing your traffic quickly. Centralize your database, know their preferences and interests and you will retain your customers.



The great benefits of our database (CRM) are the unification of data after being extracted from diverse sources such as the captive portal (WiFi), web portals (using integrations with the main market's suppliers) and national and international PMS. That way, you can know the information of each guest through their client file.


Transform repetitive emails into templates that you can send in a matter of seconds. You will be able to monitor the performance of each one and share the best ones with your team. It's solution to automate mailing sendings, segmentating in a custom way while knowing both the behavior of each user and the amount of their purchasings on the web.


Reward the trust that customers place in your services offering them incentives with the aim of building loyalty and getting them to repeat their experience with you. Keep control of rates and parity, implement a direct communication channel with your client and transform opportunities into new business routes.


Only by anticipating what the client expects will you be able to satisfy their expectations and design your customer strategy.. Know their degree of satisfaction during the stay and / or solve any incidence related to it. You can ask him to express his opinion and improvement proposals in online portals with the objective of improving your visibility.

Enrich your database information

It does not matter if the contact comes through the PMS, the web or the Wifi.Our Artificial intelligence system helps you know their preferences and interests.

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