Fideltour CRM

Automate and self-segment your database by more than 1,250 preferences and interests.


  • Individual company management
  • Demographic information
  • Psychographic information
  • Company infomation (MICE)
  • GDPR subscription management
  • Contacts activity (Movements)
  • Campaigns by contacts
  • Points by contacts
  • Surveys by contact
  • Import contacts
  • Manual contact value
  • Rating value
  • Customize the Fideltour brand image
  • Chain management
  • Multiple users
  • Export contacts
  • Excluding segmentation
  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Incorrect email management
  • Automatic contact value
  • KPI's by contact
  • Dashboard by dates
  • Automatic segmentation
  • Segment sensitivity
  • Tags by segment
  • ROI by segment
  • Custom training

Frequently Asked Questions

A GRM? How is it different from a CRM?

The GRM offers the possibility to perform an all in one; capture the lead through any channel that you prefer, gain knowledge (That you are interested in), exploitate through marketing efforts and build loyalty with our reward program.

Does Fideltour comply with the GDPR?

Fideltour complies fully with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation. The data is collected with express consent by the clients and they can be easily unsubscribed at any time.

What value can Fideltour GRM bring to my business?

Fideltour GRM brings knowledge of all guests who stay in your hotel, analysis of trends within your network of customers and goodwill value by storing a centralized and segmented database

How does the GRM segment customers?

Unlike other CRMs, Fideltour does not segment only by age, gender or location. Our psychographic segmentation makes it possible to get to know properly your client and to be segmentted by features such as personality, lifestyle, hobbies and motivations either automatically (through the actions of users) or manually by the hotel staff.

Do you still have questions about how the Fideltour software can help you grow?

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