Satisfied customers are the best ads.

Fideltour Reviews allows you to detect incidences occurring both during the customer's stay and after it.


Improve your online reputation

Start to listen to your client now, detect their needs and improve your customer experience.

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Listen. Detect. Improve

Only by anticipating what the client expects, you will be able to satisfy their expectations and design your customer strategy. Know their degree of satisfaction during the stay and/or solve any incidence related to it. You can ask him to express his opinion and improvement proposals in online portals with the objective of improving your visibility.

Improve their experience

Anticipate the needs of your client, offer what you are looking for, exceed your expectations and optimize your strategy so that it revolves around it.

OTA Rankings Increase

A satisfied guest is a guarantee of fidelity and recommendation. Your ranking in the OTAs is in your hands. We help you strengthen and manage it.

Continuous improvement

We measure customer satisfaction daily and evaluate by department the level of satisfaction to facilitate your decision making

  • Survey during stay
  • Real-time alerts
  • Survey during stay
  • Customizable Surveys

Get to know your client by listening

Set up a survey one day after your arrival. We will record all scores in the control panel


Detect incidents and improve your experience

Our Reviews module allows to detect any incident either during or after the stay. Quickly resolve any inconvenience that bothers your customers.

Analyze the comments of your customers and detect their needs in order to improve your service. There is no better way to know what works than by listening directly to your customers.


Let your client be the one who advertises your business

Your client is the best prescriber your project can count on: a happy customer is the best publicity there is.

We help you take care of your customers and keep them happy, in order to enhance and improve online reputation.


Boost your growth with more satisfied customers

Collect the opinion of your clients proactively to really understand their needs and act accordingly.

Use Fideltour's feedback tools to launch surveys and obtain qualitative and quantitative data with which you can analyze the satisfaction of your customers. Afterwards, you can get suggestions to increase response rates and create a database over time. Implement automated marketing emails for customers or internal notifications for your team when a customer sends feedback.

Measure the impact of your customer service efforts with Fideltour's integrated reporting tools, which track the usage data of the knowledge base, ticket volume and response time, and use customer feedback, among others.

Adopt a strategy that prioritizes the customer using customer service data to configure product developments, inspire marketing campaigns and incorporate data into your sales processes. Thus, you can boost the growth of your business and not only retain more customers, but you will attract new customers through your promoters.


Fideltour's modules play an excellent role by themselves, but they are more powerful together


Forget about scattered tools and centralize your strategy in a single, powerful solution that integrates all the tools, data and processes required.

You will save time and efforts while increasing your traffic quickly. Centralize your database, know their preferences and interests and you will retain your customers.



The great benefits of our database (CRM) are the unification of data after being extracted from diverse sources such as the captive portal (WiFi), web portals (using integrations with the main market's suppliers) and national and international PMS. That way, you can know the information of each guest through their client file.


Transform repetitive emails into templates that you can send in a matter of seconds. You will be able to monitor the performance of each one and share the best ones with your team. It's solution to automate mailing sendings, segmentating in a custom way while knowing both the behavior of each user and the amount of their purchasings on the web.


Reward the trust that customers place in your services offering them incentives with the aim of building loyalty and getting them to repeat their experience with you. Keep control of rates and parity, implement a direct communication channel with your client and transform opportunities into new business routes.


Only by anticipating what the client expects will you be able to satisfy their expectations and design your customer strategy.. Know their degree of satisfaction during the stay and / or solve any incidence related to it. You can ask him to express his opinion and improvement proposals in online portals with the objective of improving your visibility.

Improve online reputation by increasing customer satisfaction

Active listening and proactive action are pluses that are not worth giving up. Fideltour Reviews is the tool to listen and meet the customer, anticipate their needs and become your best prescriber.

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