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Fideltour is a global solution to boost your direct sales. We are a CRM created by and for hoteliers, allowing you to connect, understand, and foster loyalty with your customers.

Connect with your customer

Stay in touch before, during, and after their stay to create a bond that makes them feel valued.

Understand their values

Knowing your guest's needs is key to elevate their stay from ordinary to excellence.

Cultivate customer loyalty

Make them choose you again thanks to personalized service and communications sent at the right time.

Boost productivity

Fideltour CRM helps you identify your Buyer Persona, maximising data performance, fostering guest loyalty, and increasing profits.

Why should I choose Fideltour CRM?

Fideltour offers various options in a single platform. The main goal is to gather quality information from your guests. Then, you will have different modules specifically designed to create marketing strategies that increase your hotel's direct sales.

Are my client's data safe?

Fideltour sticks to EU GDPR, collecting data with consent and allowing easy unsubscription. You are protected.

What is the benefit of using Fideltour?

Fideltour CRM analyses and increases the sales and business value of your hotel, segmenting and centralising data to sell more and better.

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For us, Fideltour has strengthened our customer loyalty by allowing us to understand their preferences and send segmented newsletters. Its user-friendly interface has improved team efficiency, and without a doubt, I would recommend Fideltour to optimise communication with customers and provide them with a quality personalized service.

Rosi Yánez

Sales & Marketing at GF Hoteles


Fideltour works as a modular technology to maximise your productivity and boosts direct channel sales
  • Ready to gather data
  • User-friendly interface
  • No hidden fees or charges
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Fideltour at a glance

Fideltour is a global solution for increasing hotel direct sales by connecting, understanding, and fostering loyalty with your customer. We are the CRM for hotels.

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