Connect your sources

Fideltour Connect centralises your database by connecting all your data sources.

Increase goodwill

Turn data into useful information for your communications and promotions.

Sync your data

Connect all your data sources in one tool and eliminate duplicates.

Centralise information

Merge all your tools (PMS, booking engine, WiFi) into our public API.

Connect all your tools

PMS, booking engine or chatbot – all in one! Categorise your guests’ information to gather useful data.

A marketplace full of possibilities

Discover all the integrated tools now. If something's missing, it will be available soon.

Rates tailored to your needs

We use an "infinite rate" based on the number of rooms in your hotel, not on connections.

Sync is key

Centralise information from different channels and make data the core of your business.

Improve your guest data

Obtain and leverage useful information through the automation of data acquisition.

Frequently asked...

This may be the first time you meet a specialised hotel CRM – questions may arise.

How can I connect all my sources and centralise information on a single platform like Fideltour?

Fideltour Connect module features a public API that allows you to connect your data sources to our CRM. Find out how in our support centre.

Can I automatically capture data without having to connect my PMS?

Of course! The possibilities are endless and we have many areas from which to obtain valuable information. Take a look at the Fideltour Linking module where you can connect your WiFi to the CRM for hotels.

We're not integrated with the PMS or booking engine, what can we do?

If the tools you are using in your hotel are not among the integrations you see in the Marketplace, our wonderful IT team will be happy to provide us with a cable (or rather, a code).

How I am going to be charged for these connections?

To make the payment process easier for you, our billing model is based on the number of rooms in your hotel, so you don't have to worry about the connections you make. We call it "infinite rate".

Start gathering data

Streamline your success – centralise your data in one platform today and bid farewell to management worries.