Hotel surveys

Fideltour Reviews enhances your online reputation through hotel surveys, helping you gauge your guests’ satisfaction levels.

Receive real-time alerts

Get instantly notified about low scores so you can address them as soon as possible.

Climb up on rankings

Improve your position on online review platforms & stay among the top choices in your area.

Ensure the exceptional

Prevent any issues and enhance your guests' experiences.

Ask, analyze and improve

The aim of hotel surveys is to boost your online reputation, attracting more guests to your hotel.

Pre and post-stay Surveys

Understand your guests' opinions after check-in and upon departure. This way, you can improve their experience both during and after their stay.

Increase your rates with OTAs & TTOO

Tour Operators and OTAs set prices based on reviews on online platforms. Improving your reputation can lower these prices.

More data, more possibilities

Fideltour uses psychographic segmentation, automatically and manually identifying personality, lifestyle, hobbies, and values of the customer.

Empower their experience

Turn a satisfied customer into your best advertisement. Encouraging them to share their opinions can skyrocket your direct channel sales.

Frequently asked...

This may be the first time you meet a specialised hotel CRM – questions may arise.

Are hotel surveys only useful after the guest has left?

The purpose of surveys is to improve the guest's experience during their stay. Surveys identify potential issues during the stay with the intent of managing and resolving them before the guest departs.

How can I maximise the potential of hotel surveys if the guest has already left?

Our hotel survey module aims to improve your online reputation, attracting more guests to your hotel. As OTAs set rates based on reputation on portals, we achieve a better position when negotiating prices.

My hotel is stagnant on third-party channels, is it worth using hotel surveys?

Of course! TTOOs and OTAs often set the price of the hotel contract based on the reviews published on online review portals. Therefore, an improved online reputation is a great way to lower these prices.

Can I find out what my customers think of each hotel individually?

With Fideltour's hotel surveys you will know the opinions of your clients hotel by hotel and with personalised reports according to the data collected on the intranet.

Give your hotel a twist

Go ahead of the curve – make your customer happier and your competitor surprised. Start today.