CRM for hotels

Fideltour’s CRM for hotels will unveil your ideal guest to offer them a unique experience. Forget about OTAs and tour operators and get to know your customer.

360 Guest view

Fideltour connects to your PMS, booking engine or WiFi to get a complete overview of the data.

ROI by segments

Use your segments, evaluate their effectivity and calculate the impact on sales.

Smart lists

Segment your clients based on their behaviour on websites and social media.

Make profit with valuable data

With Fideltour’s CRM for hotels, you can get to know your guest and offer what others cannot: a completely personalised experience.

Improve specialisation

Fideltour enables you to target the perfect customer and optimise the performance of your database.

Increase productivity

Turn data into effective strategies that boost your direct sales without wasting time.

The genuine value of your guest

Evaluate the effectivity of your actions by knowing the ‘contact value’ and how guests perceive their experience in your hotel.

Segment in detail with Fideltour

Fideltour enhances your marketing actions by segmenting the database by the customers’ behaviour, demographics and interests.

Frequently asked...

This may be the first time you meet a specialised hotel CRM – questions may arise. 

Why should I choose Fideltour CRM

Fideltour offers various options in a single platform. The main goal is to gather quality information from your guests. Then, you will have different modules specifically designed to create marketing strategies that increase your hotel's direct sales.

Are my client's data safe?

Fideltour is GDPR-compliant. You are protected and your customer is safe.

What is the benefit of using Fideltour

Fideltour CRM for hotels makes it easier for you to know all the guests that visit your hotel, analyse trends within your customer network and analyse and increase the value of commerce thanks to the storage of a centralised and segmented database. This information will allow you to sell more and better.

How does Fideltour segment my data base?

Unlike other CRMs, Fildetour does not only segment by age, gender or location, but also uses psychographic segmentation to know the customer by traits such as personality, lifestyle, hobbies and values, both automatically (by the user's own actions) and manually, by the hotel staff.

Build your database

Now you know how Fideltour works – make it work for you.
Use your data to get more sales. An onboarding specialist is here to help you get started.