Fideltour collaborates with hundreds of tech companies to offer hotels around the world a service of excellence. Are you unsure if you could use our CRM? Here you can find out if the connectivity you need is part of Fideltour.

If you can’t find the connectivity you are currently using, don’t worry, it will be available soon. Then you will be able to fully connect the Fideltour CRM and get your guest data most quickly and easily.

PMS, Booking engine and more

To get the right data, Fideltour CRM connects to your PMS, booking engine, or captive portal to get the specific data that will make magic in your database.

Take a look at all the tech companies we collaborate with and the next step is to get started!

PMS - Property Management System

Booking Engine

WiFi Service

Contact Centers

Virtual concierge


Business Intelligence

It's your time to shine

Fideltour CRM is created by hoteliers for hoteliers. If you are one of the latter, what are you waiting for?