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Fideltour Connect Basic

Still have questions about how the Fideltour software can help you grow?


  • Integration through Fideltour's API
  • Return on investment pixel
  • Support by email the first 30 days
  • Web interests pixel
  • Facebook interests pixel
  • Telephone support and email
  • Webinar training
  • PMS Integration
  • Contact Match
  • Self-cleaning of wrong emails

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any possibility that my contacts will get duplicated?

Connect does not paste the data into a database, it unifies them. That means that all contacts are unique, with no possibility of duplication.

Does Connect integrate with PMS? Which data do you collect?

Yes, we connect with PMS, collecting contact and reservation data, which will help us segment the database and optimize the results of future campaigns.

Can you also connect it with my website? How?

Of course. Fideltour can connect with your online portal through our web pixel.

Can I connect all my data sources?

Yes. Using the Fideltour API, integration with any data source is possible.

Still have questions about how the Fideltour software can help you grow?

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