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Fideltour is designed to help you increase your sales through customer loyalty, without having to invest time or human resources.

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The software which increases the benefits of your business. Fideltour GRM unifies applications to increase sales and simplify marketing and customer loyalty.

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Marketing module specially designed to save you time and resources, automate your campaigns and measure your return on investment.

Module to design and monitor your email marketing campaigns, with customized templates so you do not have to waste time or resources in your marketing campaigns.

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Each client is different, and you need to know him.

Fideltour CRM allows you to segment customers in a personalized way, based on their motivations and interests. Get to know your client completely and find out which is the best way to communicate with him.

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The Loyalty module allows you to reward the most loyal customers.

Create your own customizable loyalty club which allows the company to offer gifts and special privileges for clients that are part of it.

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Pre-defined check-in and check-out surveys.

Measure in real time customer satisfaction during their stay and help them improve their experience. After the check-out and with a happy guest, ask him to comment on opinion portals and improve the online reputation and visibility of your company in these sites.

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Companies manage a multitude of platforms where customer data is stored. Fideltour allows you to unify them in a single environment in order to manage data in an agile and dynamic way.

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