A step away from success

Our clients’ stories are the driving force that motivates us to keep improving and creating tools that connect with guests.

Hotels that have implemented Fideltour in their hotel strategy

Increase the Average Spend

By knowing your guest you can offer them exclusive experiences and generate more revenue.

Boost your ROI

The benefits exceed the investment made. Getting to know your guest is far more profitable using a CRM for hotels.

Increase the ADR

A competitive price maximises revenue and profitability, ensuring a quality experience.

Pursuing strategic data organisation

This urban hotel grew until it reached a point where it was impossible to manage guest data efficiently. See how the story changed with Fideltour.

A love story with Fideltour's Linking module

The best part of having a city hotel is variety of guests you can have – but when it comes to communicating to them, how to do it right if you don’t have the right data?

When innovation becomes key

Being a large chain comes with great responsibility – and sometimes, it’s better to collaborate to combine strengths and improve strategies.

Create your success story

Now that you have firsthand knowledge of some real cases from hotels, it’s time to decide what you need.