Our Mission

Fideltour was created to transform the hotel industry. We are a hotel CRM that enables effective and personalised knowledge and loyalty among guests.

Why Fideltour?

Because we speak your language. We are a 100% hotel-focused CRM, offering a comprehensive solution that will enable you to connect with, understand, and foster loyalty in your customers.

Looking to boost your direct sales?
We’re your team. We assist you in segmenting, organising, and specialising. Plus, we’re integrated with the most important players in the sector.

By hoteliers for hoteliers

A dedicated CRM with an all-in-one solution focused on increasing direct sales

Digitalisation and progress

At the forefront of technology, with special attention to aesthetics and usability.

Adaptability and development

We are guided by clear and effective communication, with a focus on transparency and integrity to forge lasting relationships.